About Us

The proprietors of Mussawir Art Gallery are highly endowed with the aesthetic sensibility since they inherited an allied branch of visual art. This sensibility was passed to them through generation which ultimately compelled them to further invigorate this ability by replica watches sale operating art galleries in the most renowned cities of Pakistan such as Lahore and Karachi. These galleries provided an opportunity to the younger and established artists to display their respective work. This process in many ways has helped the promotion and patronization of the art of Pakistan. Their entrepreneurs were so replica watches sale progressive that they decided to operate and bring the art of the world in Dubai. Consequently Mussawir Art Gallery came into existence to realize this aim.

These proprietors intend to display the work of not replica watches sale only Pakistani artists but also art work from various parts of the world. Since Dubai is now a center of cross culture and a hub of various civilizations, therefore, the Mussawir Art Gallery is the necessity to realize their dreams.

This gallery will add another cultural center in the cluster of other galleries existing in Dubai. As they have extensive knowledge and experience in handling and dealing with rolex replica uk the pictorial art they will successfully manage this gallery and provide an opportunity to the art lovers not only in Dubai but also of the world and, it will be a core place for the connoisseurs and art patrons.