Art Workshops





This Unique workshop encourages you to Paint as a release from everyday stress and competition.

To rest renew your spirit, silence your critic, unfetter you from creative blocks, induce self-healing and give you that special ME time in a beautiful environment.

Tina Ahmed, one of the countries most revered and respected artists, explains enjoyable ways to use simple, yet incredibly versatile, materials to set you on a new, self-expressive journey!

With the help of Meditation to activate your creative side, Carin Huibers, a well known Dutch Naturopath with paranormal abilities guides your thoughts towards relaxation and introspection in order to release your deep, inner musings on to canvas.

Upon completion on the subconscious creative phase, students will then be encouraged to use their more logical side to find physical form and shape within their unique artwork, finishing it off and then prepare to be surprised by the outcome!

The course is for non-artists and artists alike. As long as you can hold a brush!

(On request Carin can provide a short reading and explanation about your intuitive painting too!)


Terms & condition:

Pre-Registration required for workshop and payment to be made in advance.

Students must attend the workshop they have Registered  and paid for.

Workshop Date:

27 March, Monday 10am - 2PM

Workshop Fee 550,AED for Registration Please call 043881663

Location: Mussawir Gallery, Al Quoz

Workshop on Meditative Art
by: Mariam Hanif

Introduction to Meditative Art

The Students will be guided by Mariam Hanif during this two day workshop they will be given definitions of Art and Meditation to understand it thoroughly, for the best outcome. Various images will be shown on Meditative art works produced by resident artist and others. These works are acclaimed on Importance of meditative art: its significance in Traditional Islamic Art and modern psychology.


Techniques of Meditative Art

The beautiful thing about meditative art is that one doesn’t require any certain skill or talent to make a piece of art. In fact all you need is focus and passion to extract your own creative gift.  Resident artist will demonstrate the execution techniques, so the students can observe and follow. Students will be given small-scale canvases / pieces of paper with various painting /drawing mediums and inspirational pictures to start their work. The out-come of the work will be highly creative colorful abstract and semi abstract pieces of art made by repetition of dots, marks, doodling and lines.


Objectives and Benefits

The objective of the workshop is to make art for the sake of self-realization and relaxation rather than any burden of good/bad, learning certain skill or visual. The students will learn to transform their thoughts, stress and emotion into visual affirmations through repetitive mark making. There are numerous benefits of meditation through art works; the most eminent are learning patience, mental relaxation, confidence boost and positive thinking.


Terms & condition:

Pre-registration required for workshop and payment to be made in advance.

Students must attend the workshop they have registered and paid for.


Workshop Date:

14 March, Saturday 3 - 6 PM

15 March, Sunday  3 - 6 PM

Workshop Fee 275,AED for Registration Please call 043881663

Early Bird discount: 250,AED (register before 10 march to avail this offer) The gallery will provide all materials.

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